Review: Playschool Art Maker for iPad

Having looked at a few different movie making apps for the iPad, the playschool art maker app presents itself as a great and innovative app for primary students who are learning how to create their own digital texts. The app helps students to create a picture, story slideshow or animated movie, giving students the option of either using their own photos as backgrounds or using animations already provided. Students can also record their own audio, and the app allows them to save their creations, which they can replay or look at later.

The app is easy to use without the need for extensive scaffolding, and gives students a lot of free range in what they can create. This allows them to be creative and imaginative with what they create, which is a strong focus in the new English syllabus.

Students can use this app for many different purposes in literacy, such as learning how to create a story board, to plan out different elements in a story during the writing process; retell a story they have just read or heard; and of course it is a great foundational resource in showing students how to use digital technologies, and which teachers can build upon later when using other apps such as iMovie. The playschool content means that this app is perhaps more suited to younger primary students.

This is a great resource!


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