A sample IWB lesson


Above is a screen shot of a lesson that can be adapted using Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing. The purpose of this lesson is for students to take a deeper look at the illustrations, and how they add meaning to the story.

After reading the text with the class, students (in pairs) are given a choice of three different scene illustrations from the story, and asked to consider the mood in one scene, and how the illustrator has portrayed this mood. Students must then add thought dialogue to individual characters within the illustrations, using the notebook technology to add thought bubbles to these characters.

Once students have shown the teacher their thought bubbles, the second activity will involve them recording voice overs for these thoughts. Students can interpret tone, pitch and speed for each character, and record them at the IWB. They can also add background sounds to accompany their scene. Once finished, pairs will be able to play-back their scene to their peers, and will receive immediate feedback from both peers and the teacher.  


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