It looks green, so it must be green…right?

Larger companies use a mirriad of techniques in this day and age, to convince the consuming populace that they are in touch with their green thumb. Yet how much of what they say is carrot, and how much is…compost?

In an age where children are increasingly connected to digital texts produced by media outlets, it is crucial that they develop the skills to critically analyse the messages they see and hear. Happy babies, bright colours, environmentally friendly confetti and sunshine might lead us to believe that companies are deeply committed to preserving our environment, but none of these things have any connection to preservation! This is known as ‘branding’, or ‘greenwashing’ – leading consumers to believe one thing, whilst the practices of a company show something entirely different. By exploring the ‘sins of greenwashing’, the clip recreates their own advertisement, using satire as a means of explaining the structure of the advertisement, so that students see the true meaning and intention behind the choices of branding.

This clip also serves as an indicator to educators about the importance of being thoughtful in our selection of media texts we use in the classroom. We can be so easily captivated by the ‘confetti’ of well created texts, that we might fail to notice their lack of educational value. Digital media is such an important resource in our classroom, especially since students are increasingly connected to a digital world; however the texts we use will only be effective if the message they bring is not shrouded in visual duplicity. Sometimes it’s more sustainable to just skip the confetti.





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